How Soviet civilization was destroyed

How Soviet civilization was destroyed
How Soviet civilization was destroyed

Video: How Soviet civilization was destroyed

Video: How Soviet civilization was destroyed
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The enemies of Russia and the Russian people created a black myth that the huge Soviet Union was a colossus with feet of clay. Hitler and his entourage thought the same, but they miscalculated, planning to crush the USSR with the help of "lightning war".

How Soviet civilization was destroyed
How Soviet civilization was destroyed

They say that with all the apparent military and economic might, the iron party of power, the invincible Soviet Army, the USSR collapsed itself due to weak blows. It allegedly fell apart from the information war waged by the West, the actions of Russian dissidents, nationalists and democrats. That is, the USSR was not viable, and therefore perished.

In reality, it is known that even the most powerful powers can collapse due to the mass of weak influences. It is also possible to destroy the current only superpower - the United States of America. Any system, even the most solid one, at the right moment can be pushed onto one or another trajectory, even with a weak push. Create such a regime when external and internal processes meet, which come into resonance, and the system collapses. First, proportions are destroyed, then connections are broken, as a result, the elements of the system fall apart, chaos begins.

In 1986, it became obvious that the late Soviet "elite" for the most part did not want a new breakthrough, did not want it. In turn, the Soviet people, which had already been corrupted by Brezhnev's "big deal" (the people had the opportunity to consume regardless of labor productivity, and the elite received the right to "stability", the refusal of a leap into the future - communism), became a society of consumers, ordinary people -placed. The Stalinist society of creators and producers was destroyed. The Soviet people were corrupted.

Thus, turned out to be a disastrous combination of material aspirations of the Soviet "top" and "bottom". It was based on banal materialism, the ancient "golden calf", which has already destroyed many peoples and countries. The elite”was looking for an opportunity to transfer people's, state property, wealth into personal, narrowly corporate, and quickly found it. The people, for the most part, strove for a "freebie", jeans, sausage and chewing gum, to a "beautiful life" like in the West (Soviet citizens were constantly stuffed with these pictures) without labor efforts, restrictions and self-discipline. He wished for a quick and immediate rise in the standard of living, freedom for pleasure. All this generated an internal destructive wave. And it was superimposed on the "cold" information war of the West against the USSR-Russia (the third world war).

Cooperatives were used to realize these material aspirations. The private sector was legalized. On November 19, 1986, a law of the USSR "On individual labor activity" was issued, which allowed citizens and members of their families to make parallel earnings in their free time from their main work; On February 5, 1987, the Council of Ministers of the USSR issued a resolution "On the creation of cooperatives for the production of consumer goods." On May 26, 1988, the USSR Law "On Cooperation in the USSR" was adopted, which allowed cooperatives to engage in any types of activity not prohibited by law, including trade.

Only if under Stalin the cooperatives were industrial, produced consumer goods, which were in short supply, even had their own design bureaus, scientific laboratories, then under Gorbachev cooperatives became mainly parasitic trade and speculators. They engaged in outright speculation or dubious financial transactions. If they produced goods, then they were of poor quality. A big mistake (or sabotage) was the permission to create cooperatives in existing enterprises, which ultimately killed the Soviet economy. Cooperatives began to siphon resources from the real sector into the consumption sphere, the “gray” and “black” markets. Thus, the products of enterprises were sold through cooperatives at market prices, the cooperative made a profit, while the enterprise itself was left without working capital, and the state without taxes.

Thus, the entire activity of such offices was reduced to the fact that resources, goods from state-owned enterprises were taken at low state prices, and were sold on the market for a high price or chased abroad for foreign currency. This is how a fairly wide layer of social parasites - "cooperators" was created.

A reallocation mechanism was created for the assigned resource. Exchanges appeared. Ideally, they were supposed to complement the planned economy. In reality, they served so that separate streams of theft and parasitism were combined into a deep river. What was escaping from the state and the people was concentrated on the stock exchanges. In 1990, the Moscow Commodity Exchange, Alisa, etc. were opened.

There was a problem of money, there were few of them. And those who had the funds were not going to buy resources and goods at exchange prices. They didn't want to create or produce anything at all. There was only one way out: to sell abroad. Therefore, the state's monopoly on foreign trade was broken. Cooperatives began to trade with other states.

All this was not a consequence of the US CIA operation, but became a logical continuation of the process of destruction of the USSR, launched back in the years of Khrushchev and Brezhnev, when they abandoned the Stalinist course and concluded a "big deal" with the people of the USSR. Under Andropov and Gorbachev, this destructive process reached the home stretch when the Soviet "elite" decided to surrender the USSR to the West. To conclude a "big deal" with the masters of the West.

Parasitic, speculative cooperatives, stock exchanges and the breakdown of the state's monopoly on external monopoly violated the external proportions of the Soviet economy. The economy of the USSR was based on input-output balances and proportions. The State Planning Committee of the USSR considered what share should be in heavy industry, light and food, how much raw materials needed to be obtained in order to provide the industry, how much to buy abroad. But when resources began to be spent out of clear proportions, they began to be exported abroad, then disorder and chaos began. The balance was destroyed, a gap was formed into which resources, the country's goods and the money received for them went.

That is the Soviet elite itself broke the economy of the USSR. Along the way, the processes of glasnost, democratization, etc. were launched. It is clear that the West saw this all very well. Clever and predatory Westerners, who for decades unsuccessfully tried to crush the Union, had only to impose on this powerful internal destructive wave of waves of external influences. At the same time, the Westerners also made great money on this. In exchange for the most valuable Russian resources, the wealth of the USSR (and then the Russian Federation) began to stockpile any stale goods that were considered a huge deficit in the USSR-Russia. This is how a new total plunder of great Russia began (the first was organized during the First World War and the Civil War). Priceless resources were leaving the USSR for a cheap price, which were given away for pennies, often of low-quality goods. Like food products that are thrown away in the West or sent to the "banana republics" as humanitarian aid. Non-ferrous and rare earth metals, strategic raw materials, gold, products of the chemical industry and the oil industry, etc., were exported from the country for any garbage, outdated equipment, consumer goods, poor-quality food

All this caused a rise in prices in the country and the collapse of the financial system. The shops were empty. The two waves were superimposed on each other. Inside the country - the capitulation of the Soviet "elite", the plundering of the country by the future capitalists and the bourgeoisie (a new trade and speculative, marauding "elite", based only on the "trade" in the country's resources, the future of the people) and external - surrender to the dollar system, rapidly growing financial addiction.

The proportions of the comparative profitability of trade and production were destroyed, a catastrophic imbalance began - trading became much more profitable than producing. The withdrawal of resources from the country abroad caused a rise in prices in the country, sharply increased production costs. And for the new "entrepreneur-cooperators" barter trade has become a super-profitable business. Raw materials were sent abroad, materials that cost a penny at home, and from abroad imported and sold very expensive goods in short supply, receiving huge superprofits. It became unprofitable to produce, it became easier to trade, to be a parasite-marauder.

It is clear that the Soviet economy in such a situation began to die. It was unprofitable to produce something for Soviet citizens. First of all, the production of cheap consumer goods began to die. A commodity shortage began. The shops were empty. At the same time, refrigerators were usually full, and apartments were crammed with household items and appliances. This was partly due to direct sabotage. Meat, fish and other goods were not brought to Moscow, they were simply dumped into ravines in order to prepare the "lower classes" for counter-revolution. Create social tension. Outbreaks of discontent and hatred for their own country were prepared. On the outskirts, all this was fueled by nationalism and separatism.

Trying to maintain the standard of living, people spent more and more money on consumption (the same situation has developed in recent years in the Russian Federation). The accumulation has stopped. The share of consumption in the national income rose sharply. Self-destruction began. Due to the general collapse of the system, in order to maintain the current functioning, resources for development began to be used. As a result, the most severe blow was dealt to those sectors of the USSR that posed a competitive threat to the West, in the aviation, nuclear, space industries, and in the military-industrial complex. In recent years, the USSR has been rapidly eating up the future. The resulting currency was spent on "Bush's legs", canned beer and sausage, instead of spending funds on development, new, high technology and production. But even this could no longer compensate for the decline in the country's economy and the standard of living of the people.

The results were sad and terrible. Society was decaying. A criminal revolution began, a satellite of any turmoil in Russia. The collapse of the USSR, the outburst of mindless rallies and wild tribal nationalism. This is how the Soviet civilization was destroyed.

Even before the fall of the USSR, a “new elite” was created within the Soviet elite - “young reformers-democrats”. Gaidar, Chubais and other destroyer reformers. They came to the conclusion that the Soviet system cannot survive, it is not viable. The country is on the brink of a social catastrophe, a civil war. To avoid it, you need to include Russia in the Western system, capitalism. Do the same inside the country as in the West. This is the only salvation - in a revolutionary way, to build a “market” in Russia in one leap. So Russia was made a colony of the West.

The collapse of production continued, the standard of living of the population fell, the state sharply reduced the costs of science, education, education, culture in general, and capital investments. Defense spending also fell sharply, aid to developing countries was discontinued (this alone gave Russia tens of billions of dollars). And all this was simply eaten up and plundered. The new "elite" ate the future of Russian civilization. Western countries, international financial structures threw loans to Russia, but they did not go to new technologies and production, but were simply consumed. At the same time, the country and the people were enslaved, got into heavy debts. From the very beginning, the IMF gave loans only for consumption. And then they began to give loans to pay off the interest on previously issued loans.

Thus, a counter-revolution took place in 1991. Russia was seized by social parasites, thieves-marauders. Russia was defeated in the third world warwhich led to: redistribution of the world map and borders; redistribution of spheres of influence; redistribution of sales markets; reparations and indemnities. The masters of the West enriched themselves fabulously during the collapse and plundering of Soviet civilization and the socialist camp. This helped the United States and the West jump out of the pit of the third stage of the crisis of capitalism and prolong their existence. In Russia, the genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Russian civilization (primarily the Russian superethnos) began under the guise of "reforms".