This is the craziest appeal. Raids on recruits began

This is the craziest appeal. Raids on recruits began
This is the craziest appeal. Raids on recruits began

The situation with the autumn conscription for military service in 2010 in the Pskov region is monstrous, Anton Matiy, a lawyer with the human rights organization Council of Soldiers' Mothers in the city of Pskov, told Pskov Lenta Novosti. He noted that the council has been protecting the rights of conscripts for the thirteenth year already, but they do not remember such an insane draft for military service as this fall. “Raids on recruits have begun,” human rights activists warn.

“One gets the impression that all the structures that have anything to do with the conscription have united to fulfill the main task - by any means to fulfill the unrealistic plan of conscription,” the Council of Soldiers' Mothers notes. - The lawyer of our organization has not slept for several nights, writing complaints about illegal decisions of the draft board and answering the hotline.

This is the craziest call. Raids on recruits began
This is the craziest call. Raids on recruits began

The organization told in detail about only three days of conscription: December 10, 13 and 14. But this example, they believe, is more than indicative.

On December 10, human rights activists decided to visit the medical commission of the city of Pskov, Pskov region, the military commissariat of the Pskov region and the assembly point, which are located in one nine-story building on the edge of the city.

They arrived there together with three conscripts who turned to a human rights organization for help literally a day before their planned deployment to the troops. With regard to them, it has already been decided to be called up for military service, despite such diseases as epilepsy, osteoporosis, osteochondrosis of a large number of intervertebral discs, second-degree scoliosis and other diagnoses.

Literally in the morning of the same day, the phone of the chairman of the Council of Soldiers' Mothers received a call from the father of the conscript, who was already at the assembly point, despite the fact that he had a disease that gave him the right not to serve in the army.

Also, near the checkpoint of the assembly point, representatives of the organization, by prior arrangement, met the mother of another conscript, who was recognized as fit for military service with numerous craniocerebral injuries, neurological diseases: some time ago, a young man fell from the height of a four-story building.

The staff of the military registration and enlistment office, of course, did not expect such a "landing". The deputy military commissar of the Pskov region, upon the call, invited everyone to his office to conduct, as it turned out later, a conversation on military-patriotic education.

Even more human rights defenders were amazed by his behavior by the doctor in charge of the medical examination of citizens subject to military service. According to representatives of the Council of Soldiers' Mothers, he tried to prove to them that the list of diseases, on the basis of which the degree of a person's fitness for military service is determined, is no longer valid.

He also said that representatives of the military medical commission of the Leningrad Military District visited the military medical commission of the Pskov region - and they removed many diagnoses for diseases of the spine, despite examinations in medical institutions of the city, confirmed by medical documents.

At the same time, according to the law, military medical commissions do not have the right to make or revise diagnoses, since they are not medical institutions and they do not have the appropriate licenses.

But, despite this, the members of the medical commission planned to take some X-rays of the conscripts to the chief radiologist of the Pskov region for another description, not trusting the diagnoses made by other doctors.

At the same time, human rights defenders were informed that some radiologists of polyclinics in the city of Pskov could be prosecuted for describing images in favor of conscripts.

“The senior doctor proved to us that by looking at the X-rays, he could remove the diagnosis, which would allow us not to serve in the army. We found out that the medical commission does not work in the composition that the deputy chairman of the draft board told us. For some reason, instead of a neuropathologist, there was a narcologist on the medical board,”said Anton Matiy.

On that day, all questions were not resolved, since the members of the medical commission could not or did not want to diagnose the category of fitness.

And the "working day" of human rights defenders ended with a late call to the phone of the organization's lawyer. A young man called whose apartment police officers and representatives of the military commissariat tried to break into: they referred to the fact that he was an evader from military service - although the conscript appealed against the draft decision and should have been left alone while the appeal was being considered.

Human rights activists started Monday, December 13, with another exhausting visit to the military registration and enlistment office. After lunch, conscripts turned to them for help, in respect of whom an illegal decision was made to be called up for military service. The members of the "Council of Soldiers' Mothers" especially outraged the call of a young man who has a sick leave. He underwent a complex operation on his leg, he could hardly move with a cane. But in the military registration and enlistment office, they still decided to send him to repay the debt to his homeland, arguing that he would be finished off in a military unit.

The next day, representatives of the organization visited the medical board at the request of a conscript - a student of the Pskov Theological School. The young man had already been to the military registration and enlistment office several times and after that he felt fear of this "ominous", in his words, place.

This conscript had several chronic diseases, which gave him the right to be exempted from military service. “But this autumn, this fact does not mean anything, and sick recruits“magically”become healthy,” they make a helpless gesture in the “Council of Soldiers' Mothers”.

According to representatives of this organization, the senior doctor of the medical commission, having looked at the documents of the conscript, immediately said that he was fit for military service. After this statement, the young man became ill, he turned very pale and his hands began to shake.

Previously, he had cases of loss of consciousness, so human rights activists asked a neuropathologist to examine the young man. He immediately said that it was necessary to call an ambulance. While she was driving, the staff of the medical commission could not provide the young man with proper medical assistance, since the first-aid kit with medicines was in the office, which was closed at that time.

As a result, the conscript was taken by ambulance to the Pskov city hospital, where he was in the emergency room until 17 o'clock: he was provided with the necessary medical assistance.

Recall that on December 7, at a citywide coordination meeting, the military commissar of Pskov and the Pskov region, Sergei Golovachev, said that the plan for the autumn conscription in Pskov and the Pskov region was completed by only 60% less than a month before its completion. The task for the current autumn conscription for Pskov and the Pskov region is 599 people, which is significantly more than a few years earlier.

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