The Russian army will change again

The Russian army will change again
The Russian army will change again

Defense Minister announced innovations that will soon be adopted in the Russian Armed Forces

The Russian army will change again

Last day, at a meeting with representatives of civil organizations held in the Public Chamber, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov spoke about the upcoming changes in the Russian army.

According to him, the department plans to create such a work regime in which five working days a week a soldier would be engaged in combat training, physical training, mastering weapons and equipment. And on weekends - Saturday and Sunday - I would have the right to go on leave in civilian clothes. True, this incentive measure would not apply to those who violate the rules of military service or poorly perform the duties assigned to him. In this case, he will be deprived of the right to leave the military unit for some time.

For those who serve in remote garrisons, instead of days off, additional vacations are provided due to the accumulated unused layoffs.

However, the innovation proposed the day before by Serdyukov is not limited to this alone. Now, according to him, the soldiers will also have the opportunity to have an afternoon rest. Moreover, the rise and end times will also be moved forward one hour. Now the servicemen will get up at seven in the morning and go to bed at 23.00.

Also, in connection with the transition to one year of service by the defense department, the training program for recruits was revised. Now, finally, it was decided to free them from performing functions unusual for them (cooking, cleaning territories and premises). From now on, civil commercial organizations will deal with these issues.

At the same time, the minister also spoke about the rumors that have been growing recently that the current term of military service, which, we recall, is 12 months, will be increased. This will not happen, - assured Serdyukov.

In addition, according to him, the soldiers, contract employees can be equated with officers in terms of payment of monetary allowances. According to the minister, the contractor should be interested in its extension, and not leave the army after the first expiration of his term. Thus, Serdyukov hopes to create a layer of professional military personnel.

At the same time, the military official also noted that the army cannot “recruit just anyone”, since contract soldiers must work with complex and expensive equipment. In addition, as the minister admitted, the figure of 150 thousand professional military personnel, which has repeatedly appeared in the media, cannot be afforded by his department. We will talk about about 100 thousand contract soldiers who receive salaries at the level of officers.

In general, the plans of innovations announced by the Minister of Defense almost immediately received support from the members of the public chamber. According to them, Serdyukov's initiatives are, in fact, "a real humanization of the army." Liberation of soldiers from performing functions unusual for them will have a beneficial effect on their general level. Conscripts will have an additional opportunity to communicate with relatives, which will help them psychologically.

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