Why did the West unleash World War III

Why did the West unleash World War III
Why did the West unleash World War III

Already in 1946, the West declared the Cold War. The masters of the West did not forgive us for the victory over Hitler. According to their plans, Hitler was to crush the USSR, and then the United States and England were going to share the "skins" of the Russian and German bears. This was the third world war, which lasted until 1991, when Gorbachev surrendered to the USSR.

In 1941-1943. the owners of England and the United States shared Russian, German and Japanese pies. According to the plans of the Westerners, Nazi Germany was supposed to crush the USSR, but at the cost of heavy losses, get bogged down in the vast expanses of Russia. This allowed the Anglo-Saxons to defeat the Third Reich or force its elite to negotiate on the terms of London and Washington. At the same time, Hitler could be eliminated by the generals, who hated the upstart soldier. In another scenario, Russia would be able to fight back, but at the cost of such losses that it would become an easy target. Russia was to collapse from heavy losses, from exhaustion, internal destabilization, repeating the fate of the Russian Empire of the 1917 model.

At first everything seemed to be going according to plan. Hitler was promised through secret channels that there would be no real second front while he was at war with Russia. This allowed Berlin to throw all its forces and resources to the East. Both the Germans and the Russians clashed in the most brutal massacre, an easy walk in the East did not work. Germany and the USSR suffered colossal losses - both demographic and material. The West, on the other hand, managed to stay away from this terrible massacre, to preserve both manpower, and the economy, and territory from devastation. In the western theater of operations there was nothing like the catastrophe of the Soviet armies in 1941 in Belarus and Ukraine, the battle of Moscow in 1941, the battle for Stalingrad and the battle for the Caucasus in 1942-1943, the battle of the Kursk Bulge in 1943 and etc.

London and Washington anticipated colossal booty, a gesheft that would allow them to prosper for decades to come, live without the crisis of the capitalist system (in fact, a predatory, parasitic, vampire system). but great Russia (USSR) confused all the plans for the masters of the West, began to break the Teutons. The USA and England barely had time to come to terms with this situation and in 1944 land troops in Europe. The prey escaped their hands. The Soviet Union proved invincible in open war. Moscow could extend its sphere of influence to all of Germany, Austria, Italy and France, most of Western Europe. I had to urgently do something. Therefore, the United States and Britain opened a "second front". If Hitler had still successfully fought on Soviet territory, then the Anglo-Americans would also have been in no hurry to land troops in Europe.

Wherein Westerners immediately began to prepare for a new, Third World War. Towards a war with the USSR. The German command was informed of this, so Hitler avoided major clashes with the Anglo-American troops to the last. He was convinced that a clash between the West and the Stalinist empire was inevitable. The Fuhrer was right, only at first the United States and England captured and plundered West Germany. The Germans transferred all combat-ready formations to the Eastern (Russian) front, the least combat-ready troops remained in the Western. The Germans left one for twenty combat aircraft of the Western coalition. Therefore, the scale of the ground battles on the Western Front cannot be compared with our battles.In the most famous battle in the West, in the Battle of the Ardennes, the Germans threw 250 thousand soldiers into battle, and on the Kursk Bulge, Soviet positions attacked 900 thousand soldiers and officers. During the Balaton defensive operation in March 1945, the Red Army had to repulse the onslaught of the 430,000-strong Wehrmacht grouping.

Further, the German divisions began to capitulate, keeping their officers, organization, and weapons were stored right there in order to quickly arm. Hundreds of thousands of German soldiers were planned to be sent to the Soviet army, but already as part of the allied coalition. In May 1945, Churchill issued a secret order to prepare the "Incredible" plan to attack Soviet troops and defeat Russia. The blow was to be delivered by a grouping of Anglo-American troops with the support of German divisions, which surrendered to the Westerners. It was planned that the third world war would begin on July 1, 1945, with the transition to the offensive of 47 western divisions. Armada of "flying fortresses", which for three years turned Germany into ruins with their carpet bombing, would have been thrown against our army and began to bomb Russian cities. In the south, Turkey was supposed to act against the USSR, which during the Great Patriotic War did not dare to attack Russia, was waiting for the victory of the Germans, first at Moscow, and then at Stalingrad, but did not wait.

However, the leading powers of the West were afraid to attack the victorious Red Army. Their analysts calculated and informed the political leadership that no one would stop the Russians. The Russians first retreated with terrible, bloody battles to the walls of Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad and Novorossiysk, and then went back, recaptured their native lands, took Warsaw, Budapest, Konigsberg, Vienna, Berlin and Prague by storm. The Soviet Army, if the Westerners attacked it, would simply sweep the Anglo-American occupiers, together with the Nazi undead, into the Atlantic Ocean. All of Europe would become Russian. Also, the Russians could seize Turkey, the oil fields of Iran and Iraq, the Suez Canal, that is, do what Hitler did not dare. Further, the Soviet Army could throw the British out of India. The British Empire would have been checkmated. In addition, in Moscow they guessed about the plans of the "allies" in the anti-Hitler coalition. The reconnaissance was not dozing. We were ready for such a scenario. Therefore, the masters of the West did not dare to immediately attack the USSR. Then the "peace-loving and civilized" West did not burn out.

England and the United States solved important problems in World War II. The Anglo-Saxons defeated, plundered and crushed the German-Roman world - the main competitor within the Western project, as well as Japanese civilization. West Germany and Japan have long, up to the present day, become strategic footholds for the United States in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The global mafia, ruling the United States and the British Empire, has taken over Western Europe and most of the world, robbed the subordinate countries and peoples. At the same time, the values ​​captured by the German and Japanese invaders, gold in the bulk also went to the masters of the United States and England. The United States removed the wealth accumulated there for centuries from Europe and Asia! They also robbed Russia, since many of the treasures and wealth exported by the German, Italian and Romanian invaders also disappeared, or rather were seized by the masters of the West. This allowed the United States to become the richest power in the world, a "showcase of capitalism", to get out of the second stage of the crisis of capitalism.

but the global mafia did not solve the main problem - it was not possible to crush the great Russia. The West, which with the help of the victory of the USSR, left the crisis, counted on the destruction of the Soviet (Russian) civilization. And the Soviet Union withstood and became even stronger. Russia has become a superpower balancing the power of the entire West. Russian troops occupied all of Eastern Europe, were stationed in East Germany, Austria, North Persia (Iran), Korea and North China.Stalin took revenge at once for the defeat of the Russian Empire in the First World War and in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. He took the Kuril Islands and South Sakhalin from Japan. Russia regained its strategic positions in Northeast China (Manchuria) - Port Arthur.

At the same time, the new Russian (Soviet) empire, not destroyed by the carpet bombing of the Anglo-American aviation, like Western Europe and Japan, restored its economy at an unprecedented speed. Russia did not get into financial bondage to the United States, did not accept the economic "Marshall Plan", which, in exchange for material assistance, put the countries of Europe in financial, economic, trade and military-political dependence on Washington.

That's why in 1946 Churchill and in 1947 Truman, two leading Western politicians, declare a cold war on the Soviet Union. In fact, it was a new world war. However, in conditions when the USSR possessed the most powerful land army on the planet, with incredible combat experience, it was impossible to organize a traditional "crusade" to the East. Later, this was hampered by the presence of not only the Soviet army, but also the USSR's nuclear arsenal. Parity was established between the West and the USSR. It was impossible to fight openly, it threatened mutual destruction. Therefore, they fought on the territory of third countries, for example, in Korea, Vietnam, Angola and Afghanistan. The war was secret, with the help of special services and diplomacy, with the organization of revolutions, coups, uprisings, riots, assassinations, etc. in other countries, which tried to drag them into their sphere of influence. The war was ideological, informational and economic.

But before the USSR became a nuclear power, received carriers for atomic charges, the United States still hoped to crush us in an air, atomic war. Therefore, Truman had the audacity to demand that we cede the Kuril Islands. And according to the plan of Baruch Lilienthal, the Russian industry, especially the nuclear industry, was to come under US control. At that time, the United States had more than 3 thousand B-29 "super-fortresses" - heavy long-range bombers. It was the B-29s that dropped atomic charges on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There were even more "flying fortresses" B-17.

The masters of England and the United States have always sought to fight with someone else's hands, or acted as hunters and pirates in order to fight without fighting. If the traditional nation-warriors - Germans, Russians, Japanese, always tried to strike in the heart of the enemy, fought head-on, to hit the enemy with powerful blows of massive armies. That the Anglo-Saxons always tried to avoid a direct collision, made pirate raids, raids, enjoyed superiority at sea and in the air. In World War II, aerial strategy came to the fore, pushing gunboat diplomacy from the first place, when the "ruler of the seas" England, and then the United States, projected force with the help of the navy, achieving political and economic goals.

The North Atlantic world, led by the United States, had something that Hitler and Stalin did not have - aircraft carriers and high-altitude strategic bombers, "flying fortresses." The carpet bombing was terrible, especially for the civilian population. They wiped out entire large cities from the face of the earth. It was a weapon of mass terror. The United Headquarters sought to crush and intimidate the enemy with massive air raids. Destroying cities, destroying thousands of civilians in the rear of the belligerent enemy - old people, women and children. The Germans did not break down then. The cities of the Third Reich turned into charred rubble, many thousands of civilians were burned down and killed. But the German army to the last kept fighting efficiency, skillfully and fiercely fought. The factories for the production of weapons were hidden under the ground and stone, which made it possible to arm the army until the end of the war.

The Western world has perfected the strategy of "contactless war" (we will see it in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Yugoslavia), when squadrons of long-range bombers attacked targets thousands of kilometers from their bases.Cannon fighters proved to be ineffective against battle formations - "boxes" of "flying fortresses" covering each other. The Germans had to urgently create air-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft missiles, and develop jet aircraft. But it was too late. The Russian armies were already rushing to Berlin, the war was lost.

Western bombing raids on Germany have killed more civilians than atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, Japan with its wooden cities also had to sip grief from American strategic bombers. Thus, on the night of March 9-10, 1945, American aircraft of the 20th Air Fleet launched Operation Prayer House and burned Tokyo. This was not a nuclear bombardment yet. The Americans dropped thousands of incendiary bombs on the city and the mostly wooden Japanese capital turned into hell for a while. Wooden houses close to each other burned like straw. Streets and alleys have turned into flaming rivers. Monstrous firestorms raged over the city. Even the water sources, where people tried to escape, boiled. The air burned out, suffocating the Tokyo people. It was horror - over 80 thousand Japanese died in one night.

It was a dastardly, inhuman experiment. Air terror. There was a massive destruction of civilians, the elderly, women and children, as the men were mobilized to the front. The city had almost no air defense system. In fact, American politicians and war criminals are no better than German Nazis or Japanese militarists (or even worse). So, the Germans in concentration camps burned already dead people, and the Americans in Tokyo, and in other cities, burned tens of thousands of living people. Such is the ritual sacrifice to the moloch of war.

Why did the West unleash World War III

American Boeing B-29 Superfortress bombers drop bombs on the city of Yokohama (Japan). Source:

To understand all the terrible danger that threatened the USSR and forced the Kremlin, after the end of the Great Patriotic War, to take all the necessary measures for arming, developing new weapons and technologies, it is necessary to understand the situation of those years. Know how the Anglo-Saxons burned entire cities with tens of thousands of people in Germany and Japan. Russia was threatened with the same fate.

Why did the western air fleets bomb German cities in the most brutal manner in 1945? When it became obvious that these bombings could not destroy the German military industry, force the Wehrmacht to lay down their arms. When it was obvious that the Third Reich had already lost the war. That is, the bombing was pointless from a military point of view. Why did the Westerners carry out atomic strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Nuclear bombing was also pointless from a military point of view. The Japanese Empire, after the USSR entered the war, lost, surrender was inevitable.

The bombing of Germany and Japan in 1945 was a signal to the Kremlin, a psychological blow to the Russians. Wiping cities off the face of the earth, the Westerners showed Russia devastated, drained of blood in the war: so it will be with you, reconcile and submit. We will send the same air fleets, we will inflict bombing, nuclear strikes on Russian cities! The Soviet Union had to surrender without war, surrender the positions for which the Russian people paid a terrible price. Let the Anglo-Saxons build their new world order.


The formation of American bombers B-17 "Flying fortress" (Boeing B-17 "Flying fortness") of the 401st bomber group of the 8th Air Fleet is to bomb targets in West Germany

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