Complex "Nudol" against the background of other missile defense components

Complex "Nudol" against the background of other missile defense components
Complex "Nudol" against the background of other missile defense components

The Russian Armed Forces and the defense industry are currently completing an ongoing program to modernize the strategic missile defense of Moscow and the Central Industrial Region. As a result of these processes, the missile defense system will include a number of new components, incl. a promising missile system known as the A-235 or Nudol. So far, very little is known about him, which contributes to the emergence of various assumptions and estimates.

According to known data

In recent years, Russian officials have repeatedly raised the topic of missile defense modernization and even mentioned the Nudol project. At the same time, they kept secrecy and did not go into details. The foreign media turned out to be more active in this regard: it was from foreign sources that a significant part of the data on "Nudoli" came from. However, their reliability is often called into question.

In recent years, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the Air Defense Forces have mentioned that the current missile defense modernization program will be completed in 2021-22. They talked about the creation and deployment of a new type of antimissile on combat duty, although they did not specify what kind of product they were talking about. This question was especially interesting, since in recent years two interceptors have appeared in the news at once.

Complex "Nudol" against the background of other missile defense components

At intervals of several months, the military department reported on the tests of the upgraded anti-missile for the A-135 complex. The launches of prototypes were carried out from the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan, and each time it was reported about the successful completion of the conditional task. Published materials and known data showed that an upgraded version of the serial product PRS-1 / 53T6 was tested. However, the experimental missile at Sary-Shagan was repeatedly identified with the Nudoli ammunition.

The tests of the Nudol complex were repeatedly reported by various foreign publications and official bodies, citing American intelligence. News of this kind first appeared in August 2014 and was subsequently published regularly. According to foreign data, up to ten launches have been carried out to date, mostly successful. Almost all tests were carried out at the Plesetsk test site. Since 2018, at least 3-4 launches have been performed from a standard launcher.

The last known tests of "Nudoli" took place in April and December last year. Both of these events provoked a characteristic response from US Space Command. The new missile defense was called another evidence of Russia's aggressive intentions and a threat to the space systems of the United States and its allies. In addition, they traditionally recalled Washington's peace plans and the desire only to defend themselves and friendly countries.


Recently in the domestic press there were reports about the next launch, carried out at the end of May. Official confirmation of such information has not yet been received; foreign sources do not mention this launch either.

Appearance issues

The technical appearance, tactical capabilities, characteristics and other aspects of the Nudol complex have not yet been disclosed, and most of the information remains secret. This provokes the emergence of various assessments and assumptions, some of which may well correspond to the real state of affairs. At the same time, not all assessments are still forming a coherent and consistent picture.

Earlier, it became known from domestic and foreign sources that one of the main innovations of the A-235 Nudol project is the mobile version of the anti-missile launcher. There are a couple of images in the public domain, presumably showing the appearance of such a combat vehicle. It is made on a multi-axle chassis and has a lifting boom for two transport and launch containers with missiles.

From official reports it follows that the A-235 project provides for the modernization of the existing A-135 missile defense system using new means and products. Among other things, new interceptor missiles with enhanced capabilities and improved performance are expected. Both the modernization of the existing 53T6 anti-missile missile and the creation of a new "Nudoli" are envisaged.


It is assumed that the new type of missile will allow intercepting ballistic targets at increased ranges and outside the atmosphere. Due to this, it will complement the existing PRS-1M and increase the total engagement zone of the missile defense system. The mobile design, in turn, will ensure the rapid transfer of missiles to the desired area and make the defense more flexible.

Abroad, it is believed that the A-235 will be able to fight not only with the warheads of ballistic missiles. In the press and in official statements, Nudoli's alleged ability to shoot down spacecraft in orbits hundreds of kilometers high has been mentioned. This potential of the modernized Russian missile defense system is of particular concern to foreign countries.

The Russian side rejects all suspicions of the creation of anti-space weapons. Our country opposes the militarization of outer space, and the anti-satellite missile does not correspond to such ideas. Accordingly, all new interceptor missiles for strategic missile defense are designed to intercept only ballistic missiles. However, this does not prevent the United States from accusing Russia of "hypocritical propaganda" and aggressive intentions, now directed into space.

A complex approach

The promising Nudol anti-missile system, which is currently being tested, is part of a larger and more voluminous strategic missile defense modernization program. This program provides for an integrated approach - in parallel, new products of various kinds are created and existing ones are modernized. In addition, the development of systems that interact with missile defense continues.


At the same time, several missile attack warning radars are being built and a satellite constellation of a similar purpose is being updated. The modernization of the Don-2N missile defense radar was carried out, which increased the basic characteristics of detection and data processing. The improvement of fire means of defense is carried out - the modernization of the serial missile has been carried out and a new product has been created.

Based on the results of the completed and ongoing work, in the near future the missile defense system of Moscow and the Central Industrial Region will seriously increase its potential. Surveillance equipment will be able to control almost all potential missile launch areas, including the main bases of a potential enemy. Data processing and command and control tools will increase performance and organize defenses more efficiently.

Due to new developments, the fire quality of the missile defense will also increase. At stationary positions, the modernized PRS-1M short-range interceptor missiles with improved flight performance, increased accuracy and interception efficiency will be on duty. They will be supplemented by mobile complexes "Nudol", suitable for deployment in different regions. Due to this, it will be possible to change the configuration of the missile defense system in a minimum time and without significant costs, covering different territories.

Thus, in the near future, Russian strategic missile defense will become faster, more effective and flexible.Perhaps the ongoing modernization provides for other innovations and advantages, but they, for obvious reasons, are not yet talked about. However, even in this case, it is clear that the current Nudol project has a high potential and great importance for missile defense and national security in general.

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