SAM "Pechora-2M" - the success of modernization

SAM "Pechora-2M" - the success of modernization
SAM "Pechora-2M" - the success of modernization
SAM "Pechora-2M" - the success of modernization
SAM "Pechora-2M" - the success of modernization

According to the directive of the General Staff and the order of the government, in the middle of spring 2002, live firing of the upgraded Pechora-2M air defense system was fired at the central training ground in the Astrakhan region. Two missile launches were made with a range of up to 20 km and up to 30 km, which ended in the destruction of "enemy air targets." The company "Defense Systems" noted that no breakdowns or breakdowns were noticed during the tests, all the units worked perfectly.

Here I would like to note that for the first time a company that does not have state capital won the tender for the modernization of military equipment with the investment of its own funds. The estimated cost of the tender for the modernization of the Pechora air defense system is more than $ 150 million.

"Pechora-2M" has already been presented to the military representatives of the countries to which this complex was delivered, and combat tests only confirmed that the declared performance characteristics correspond to 100% based on the results of the firing.


In total, more than 400 Pechora air defense systems were delivered abroad, the main countries to which the deliveries were made are Egypt, Libya, Vietnam, India, Syria, Iraq.

The modernization of the anti-aircraft missile system is currently the main program of the "Defense Systems", in which the company has already invested more than $ 10 million and has been working in this direction for about 2 years.

The history of the "Pechora" air defense missile system.

The complex was developed since 1955 by KB-1 of the Soviet Union as a means of combating enemy aircraft at an altitude of up to 20 kilometers and a range of up to 25 kilometers.

The S-125 air defense missile system was commissioned by the armed forces in 1961 and had the ability to fire at just one air target, having a speed of up to 550 m / s, with 2 S-125 missiles with an accuracy of hitting a target up to 0.98.


SAM "Pechora-2M"

Complex composition:

- radar "Casta-2E2";

- guidance radar;

- 8 launchers, 16 missiles ammunition;

- technical means of support.

Modernization includes:

- provision of a complex of a new self-propelled launcher "5P73-2M" on 6x6 chassis "MZKT-6525";

- conversion of equipment from analog to digital: UOK, UVK, SDTs, APP, MV, GShN;

- provision of modern protection against passive and active interference;

- installation of automatic capture and guidance units into the TOV channel;

- equipment with modern devices for scanning space;

- enhanced modernization of the rocket.

The PU has a YaMZ-238D engine with a power of 330 hp. and moves in combat condition with 2 missiles, which significantly increased combat readiness and deployment time.

The complex includes the newest transport-loading vehicle "PR-14-2M" with a hydraulic manipulator for working with missile products of the complex, which adds the ability to load missiles into the launcher anywhere.

44 blocks and 6 cabinets of the complex's equipment were replaced by 2 cabinets of equipment "UK370" and "UK360". Zip materiel has been re-equipped with equipment to ensure the operation of new equipment and is 50% of the amount of installed equipment.

The 5V27D guided missile received an updated engine for the first stage, an upgraded warhead and a fundamentally new fuse. All this expanded the range of destruction to 32 kilometers and increased the possibility of destroying low-flying targets due to an increase in the mass of the warhead by more than 1.5 times and the dispersion of fragments by 3.5 times.


New capabilities of the Pechora-2M air defense missile system:

- display on the operator's screen of a complete form of data - azimuth, epsilon of the target, distance to the object, altitude - speed - target parameter, missile strike zone;

- increasing the likelihood and the affected area due to the use of modern means of protection against passive and active interference;

- automation of target designation from various radars of the complex and not only;

- prevention of the appearance of a target due to the use of a sound device;

- the possibility of target tracking in case of loss of radar and teleoptical contact;

- introduction of a simulator for conducting training sessions and trainings of the personnel of the complex;

- provision of equipment with self-monitoring and troubleshooting systems;

- the ability to quickly replace a faulty unit or element due to the use of a "quick replacement" system in the equipment;

The main characteristics of the complex:

- hitting a target at a distance of 2.5-32 km;

- hitting a target in height - 0.02-20 km;

- time for shooting is less than 30 minutes;

- the number of PU is 8 units;

- maintaining up to 16 air objects;

- remoteness of the PU from the control center up to 10 kilometers;

- maintenance of less than 80 units and parameters of the complex.

Modernization options:

- container version of the old model with the whole set of equipment and machinery;

- a mobile version with the launching of a PU, KU and a UNV post on the chassis.

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