Gauss rifle launched in the USA

Gauss rifle launched in the USA
Gauss rifle launched in the USA

Until recently, the Gauss rifle was fantastic. Such weapons have only been featured in sci-fi fiction, films, and numerous computer games. The popular Fallout series of games brought great fame to the weapon. Apparently, the future has practically come and the Gauss rifle from TV screens and monitors is marching into reality.

Thus, the American company Arcflash Labs announced that it has become the first and so far the only company in the world that has created a Gauss hand-held rifle capable of firing steel projectiles. The company has opened a pre-order for its development. True, the cost of an electromagnetic rifle can scare off a number of buyers. The price of the device is $ 3,750 (more than 275 thousand rubles at the exchange rate for August 11, 2021). When pre-ordering, the company is ready to provide customers with a 10 percent discount - $ 3,375.

Gauss Cannon or Rifle

The Gauss cannon (English versions of the name Gauss gun, Gauss cannon, Coil gun) is one of the varieties of an electromagnetic mass accelerator. It got its name in honor of the German scientist Karl Gauss, who at one time laid the foundations of the entire mathematical theory of electromagnetism. At the same time, an important clarification is the fact that this method of mass acceleration is currently used mainly in amateur installations, since it is not efficient enough for practical implementation.

According to the principle of its operation (creating a traveling electromagnetic field), any electromagnetic gun is very similar to a device called a linear motor. For example, the operation of such an engine can be found on the Moscow monorail road. An asynchronous linear motor is used to move the train along the monorail.


Structurally, any Gaussian cannon consists of a solenoid inside which a barrel (usually made of a dielectric) is placed. A special projectile is inserted into one of the ends of the barrel, which is made of ferromagnet. At the moment the electric current flows in the solenoid, an electromagnetic field appears, which accelerates the projectile.

To achieve the greatest effect, the current pulse in the solenoid must be powerful and short-term. Most often, to obtain such a current pulse, large-capacity electrolytic capacitors with a high operating voltage are used.

The principle of operation of the device is similar, but still different from the railgun. In the latter, as the name suggests, the projectiles are launched thanks to a magnetic field that is created between two conductive guide rails.

Electromagnetic rifle GR-1 ANVIL

At the end of July 2021, Arcflash Labs presented a promo video about its new development. Later on the site it became possible to pre-order the new GR-1 electromagnetic rifle, which is already called the most powerful Gauss rifle ever created and available to the general consumer. The stated lead time is up to 6 months.

The weapon, designated GR-1 ANVIL ("Anvil"), is a handheld electromagnetic mass accelerator. The development company is positioning the novelty as the world's first production sample of the Gauss rifle. In this case, we are talking about hand-held weapons, and not a stationary installation.


The description of the weapon on the company's website states that the GR-1 ANVIL is an 8-speed semi-automatic high-voltage Gauss rifle. The model is the most powerful Gauss rifle ever available for purchase on the civilian market, and is also (very likely) the most powerful hand-held electromagnetic rifle ever made.

The GR-1 rifle is capable of accelerating ferromagnetic projectiles up to ½ "in diameter up to a speed of 75 m / s. The rate of fire of the weapon is estimated at 100 rounds per minute. The capacity of standard magazines is 10 ammunition. At the same time, the used 6S LiPo battery provides the shooter with 40 shots per charge.

An improved capacitor system and a quasi-resonant inverter allow you to change the rate of fire of the weapon. The Arcflash Labs website states that a shooter can vary this rate of a weapon from 20 rounds per minute at full power to 100 rounds per minute at 50 percent power.

The manufacturer claims that three main types of projectiles can be used with the GR-1 rifle: 32, 42 and 52 mm. Arcflash Labs recommends using self-made magnetic armatures 1232, 1242E or 1252 for this purpose. For example, a 10 pack of 1232 ammunition costs $ 11.5.

Gauss rifle launched in the USA

At the same time, the company notes that any steel rod, fastener or dowel pin is also suitable, the diameter of which will be in the range from 11 to 12.6 mm, and the length from 30 to 52 mm. You can find similar products at hardware stores. Despite the possibility of self-production of steel fittings for shooting, the manufacturer does not recommend doing this and disclaims responsibility for damage to the device or injuries sustained when using third-party fittings.

In terms of its capabilities, the GR-1 ANVIL comes close to small-caliber firearms. The muzzle energy declared on the website is 85 J, the promo video shows the muzzle energy of 100 J. This is already comparable to the models of pistols chambered for the small caliber.22 LR cartridge (5, 6x15, 6 mm) and even some models of rifles. This ammunition is traditionally one of the most common training and sporting ammunition in the world and is even used when hunting small game.

The manufacturer for the electromagnetic rifle GR-1 declared the following weight and size characteristics. The barrel length of the weapon is 26 inches (660 mm), the barrel diameter is 0.5 inches (12.7 mm). The overall length of the rifle is 38 inches (965.2 mm), width is 3 inches (76.2 mm), height is 8 inches (203.2 mm). Model weight - 20 lbs (9.07 kg). The latter figure for small arms looks especially sad.

In fact, in the dimensions of many modern sniper rifles, the user receives a weapon weighing more than 9 kg. At the same time, the capabilities of the rifle, although they surpass modern models of traumatic weapons, came close only to small-caliber small arms.

What are the benefits of Gauss rifles

Gauss rifles, as an electromagnetic weapon, can be quite promising. But this will only happen if they provide sufficient power in a relatively small size. So far, the development of the Arcflash Labs company comes close in its characteristics only to small-caliber small arms.

But even now, the project looks ambitious. Although questions about how well such a weapon will work and how safe it is to use, still remain. Despite this, there is already an interest in such developments on the part of law enforcement agencies. At least, the CEO of Arcflash Labs told the journalists of the American edition of The Drive that the US military and law enforcement agencies are showing interest in their development and similar weapons.


Work in this direction is bringing closer the day when small arms will be able to abandon the use of gunpowder.Earlier, Arcflash Labs had already presented a commercial model of the EMG-01A electromagnetic rifle, which in its power was comparable to a conventional air rifle, although it cost almost a thousand dollars.

The main advantages that can be discovered when using electromagnetic rifles have long been known. Gauss rifles can indeed give shooters advantages not available in other small arms.

Electromagnetic weapons have low recoil, the ability to fire silently (if the speed of the projectile does not exceed the speed of sound). At the same time, silent shooting becomes available without the use of special attachments or replacement of the barrel.

The advantages of Gauss rifles include the absence of casings, gunpowder and an unlimited choice of initial speed and energy of ammunition. In theory, such a weapon will have greater reliability and durability. The advantages also include the ability to work in various conditions, for example, in space.

At the same time, electromagnetic rifles also have obvious disadvantages. Low efficiency requires the use of multistage projectile acceleration systems and high energy consumption. All this leads to an increase in the weight and dimensions of the weapon. Also, a significant disadvantage is the need to recharge the capacitors, the storage charging of which takes a long time.

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