Prospects for the development of military vehicles for the period up to 2020

Prospects for the development of military vehicles for the period up to 2020
Prospects for the development of military vehicles for the period up to 2020

Dear colleagues, at the beginning of my speech, firstly, I want to thank the organizing committee for providing the tribune to speak at your famous institution and, secondly, I liked the speech of Maxim Valerievich. Instead of a preamble to the speech, I would like to draw your attention to two theses delivered. The first is the creation of four-wheel drive vehicles by the end of 2020 and the second is training and practice. The creation of four-wheel drive vehicles by the end of 2020 is already critical for us. Why? Because now we have already worked out a new type. In the near future, it will be approved by the Minister of Defense and will enter into force by order.

Based on the new type, the Ministry of Defense will soon set the task of developing in a competitive environment a line of new vehicles based on universal platforms, and we want to get a new four-wheel drive vehicle that will take its rightful place in the tactical and operational echelon. Whether it will really be a development of the Mustang or the Motor Vehicle, it all depends on the teachers and students sitting here.

On the second thesis - training and practice. I am proud to declare that the specialists of the Main Armored Directorate - and we do not hide this, have recently begun talking to representatives of the design bureaus of European and Asian manufacturers at YOU. We are talking to you with representatives of the automotive industry in France, Germany and we want to talk to you with representatives of the automotive industry in Russia.

I want to devote my speech to a new type. A qualitative change in the designation of military vehicles against the background of the intensive development of means of detecting and destroying a potential enemy leads to a significant expansion and tightening of tactical and technical requirements. In the future, the required average speed of movement of motor vehicles, according to our calculations, should increase from 20-30 to 40-45 km / h on unpaved roads, and for the first time we propose requirements when the mass of an explosive, at which the life and health of the crew should be preserved, increases by 10-15 times from 0.7 to 10-12 kg. The development of high-precision weapons determines the need for the development and implementation of new methods and the development of materials that will significantly reduce the visibility of military vehicles.

However, in the 90s, there was a lag of domestic automotive technology, including all-wheel drive, from the best foreign counterparts in terms of reliability, security and ergonomics. To solve the problems that arose in early 2010, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation approved a concept for the development of military vehicles for the period up to 2020. I would especially like to dwell on the concept.

A year and a half it was born, a year and a half was coordinated, a year and a half passed through thorns, and we are now strictly working on it, in which the automotive science and industry were tasked with assimilating all the most advanced achievements of the foreign automobile industry in the domestic four-wheel drive automotive technology, while maintaining the traditional advantages of domestic automotive technology. On the basis of scientific research, the type of military vehicles for the period up to 2020 was substantiated. This is our roadmap and all technical specifications will come from it. The main difference between this type and all the previous ones is the inclusion in its composition of a new type of military automotive equipment - protected vehicles, for which we have the most critical lag behind foreign counterparts.

Based on the analysis of the combat losses of personnel, the technology of military operations of the last decade, the study of foreign experience in the creation and use of armored vehicles, their combat capabilities, as well as means of detecting and defeating the enemy and relying on the existing scientific and technical groundwork, Russia has developed a concept of comprehensive protection of an armored wheeled vehicle. military vehicles for the period up to 2020.

The second program document for today, taking into account the predicted capabilities of enterprises of the domestic automobile industry in the implementation of the promising requirements of the Minister of Defense to the level of the basic tactical and technical requirements of military vehicles - the existing system of general technical requirements (OTT) has been supplemented in relation to a new type of vehicle security.

For the first time, we have a third policy document that clearly says what we want. On the basis of a multipurpose vehicle in the direction of increased security and in order to approbate OTT for protected vehicles, a family of protected vehicles - "Bear" was developed. The development of the Bear family revealed the need for fundamentally new approaches to the creation of protected vehicles. As a result, literally two years ago, I digress from the report, in a competitive environment we issued two terms of reference before we worked out the OTT and completed the concept.

Two technical assignments for the development of "protected vehicles", which are badly needed and critically in demand in the armed forces. In a competitive environment, two design bureaus, two manufacturing plants on an initiative basis, using all the power of their potential and the latest developments abroad, created mock running models, which were presented to the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and received the approval of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. This is the first time that unique process and practice have outstripped theory and document development. And today it has been decided that the Ministry of Defense will redeem all the costs for the development of machines, while two projects have been opened - the Typhoon ROC, which you read about in print. It is called OCD Typhoon-U - this is URAL and OCD Typhoon K is KAMAZ.

For the first time, government contracts have been signed, money has been allocated for the development of a line of machines on these universal platforms. We demanded in these projects to create for the armed forces a Typhoon with a 4x4 formula, with a level of protection equal to or superior to NATO vehicles, vehicles with a 6x6 wheel arrangement and vehicles with an 8x8 wheel arrangement, as well as additionally work out 10x10. I would like to draw your attention to these projects. These projects were born when the industry understood what was needed in order not to leave the market, and, as it was said, the Ministry of Defense votes with money - there is money, we buy the best equipment. For the first time in harsh conditions from design to the creation of machines, the development of the project and the conduct of R&D for the next year was carried out, we are now struggling with an unbearable task, how to speed up, how to compress the work of a designer in order to get the letter "0" in the near future, and I am already in April I must report to the Minister of Defense on how to buy these vehicles, at least one battalion each under the letter "0" for our armed forces.

Now count and think. Literally 2, 5 -3 years have passed - isn't this a breakthrough for our car industry? After the Rheinmetall designers saw the 6x6 car, they were delighted. On a 6x6 Typhoon-U car, a week ago I signed a document according to which it will be exhibited at Euro SATR. Not only the CIS countries, but also flaming Africa and Asia have now paid attention to it. And that's all in 3 years.

The development of wheeled protected vehicles takes place on the basis of a modern aggregate element base, and the military-technical appearance is associated with the development of automobile platforms. And here we have problems with the power plant, with electronic control, hydromechanical gearbox with automatic control, independent controlled hydropneumatic suspension, on-board information management system, composite armor, mine protection, combat-resistant wheels, highly effective terrain tracking, modern means life support.

Legally, the composition of the fleet of military vehicles is determined by the scientifically grounded type, which we are talking about, which is a limited list of serial and promising military vehicles that must be used by all ordering departments when choosing vehicle base chassis for the installation of advanced equipment. The main task of the type provided is to ensure the most complete satisfaction of the needs of the armed forces in automotive equipment with a minimum number of samples. Another distinctive feature of the new type, which will be introduced in 2012, is the creation of promising automotive platforms for the installation of new weapons and military equipment being created. These are such programs as Typhoon, Platform program and Arctic program.

When substantiating the range of promising automotive equipment for inclusion in the next type, a comprehensive analysis of the requirements set by the customer for weapons and military equipment, for samples of military vehicles intended for use for installation, towing, transportation of advanced systems and weapons, as well as a comparative assessment of the proposed samples for these requirements.

Thus, the 2011-2020 type includes only those samples of military vehicles that meet the prospective requirements of the troops and have a sufficient level of tactical and technical characteristics. The creation by our automotive industry of families of military automotive equipment, included in a new type that meets future requirements, will lead to an increase in the combat capabilities of military automotive equipment. I want to say that today a protected car with the installation of a remotely controlled module - this car turns into something comparable to an armored personnel carrier. I hope you understand where we are going, what technologies we need, what solutions we need.

In connection with the need to achieve parity in the near future in the technical level of domestic and foreign military automotive equipment, the automotive industry and industry science, a large number of specialists will be required who are trained within the walls of the renowned MSTU "MAMI". The Main Armored Directorate hopes that they will acquire high knowledge and will be able to participate in the creation of promising military vehicles using the most advanced technical solutions and technologies.

I would like to draw particular attention to the combined power plants. This is the first problem for the military. The second problem for the armed forces is transmissions, control and suspension systems, on-board information and control systems, systems that provide comprehensive protection for military vehicles. This is just a small list of what we actually encountered when creating new machines. This is the list of small problems without which, I think, the all-wheel drive vehicle, which is needed for the armed forces, cannot be created. Specialists in the field of new materials will be required to provide promising equipment with the necessary level of security. At the beginning of my speech, I emphasized that for the first time we laid down the thesis that the life of a soldier is above all.

I am sure that in our higher school and the automotive industry these tasks will be solved, they are up to them. Therefore, the Typhoon program emphasizes that we can do everything when there are clear goals and there are specialists. Once again I want to thank you for your attention. I am glad to speak from this rostrum, I hope that we expressed our pain and are open for cooperation! Thank you for the attention!

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