Makarov pistol - modification options and modernization

Makarov pistol - modification options and modernization
Makarov pistol - modification options and modernization

Makarov pistol modernized

Like any other weapon, the PM also underwent various modifications and upgrades. At the end of the last century, the designers created the modernization of the PM, which went into series and is used in service. The main idea of ​​the modernization is to improve the characteristics of the PM due to the high-impulse reinforced ammunition "57N181SM" 9x18-mm caliber. Designers R. Shigapov and B. Pletsky designed a modernized pistol for a new ammunition, which began to be mass-produced since 94. The upgraded pistol is used in the departments of the Ministry of the Interior.

Makarov pistol - modification options and modernization

Design features

At first glance, the PMM differs from the PM in a more comfortable enlarged plastic handle. There is a notch at the end of the handle, which allows you to more reliably hold the pistol. The pistol is provided with a single-row magazine for 8 ammunition or a 2-row design for 12 ammunition. In modern pistols, a magazine capacity of more than a dozen ammunition is widely used. This was one of the tasks of modernizing the pistol. The 2-row magazine is made tapering towards the top, the neck remains single-row. This made it possible to leave the shutter and the magazine slot unchanged. New screw grooves in the chamber, created for the use of a new high-impulse reinforced ammunition for PM, despite the dispersion of the increased pressure of the powder gases in the channel. Slightly protruding forward, the magazine cover increases the palm rest, which allows you to slightly increase the rate of reloading. The pressure in the barrel when using the new ammunition has increased by about 15 percent. In terms of power, the use of 9x18-mm ammunition was almost equal to the 9x19-mm parabellum ammunition, and this is without a large increase in the recoil and pressure of the pistol. But it will not work to use 57N181SM ammunition in an ordinary Makarov pistol - structurally, it is not designed for any increase in the pressure of the powder gases. Indeed, even when firing from a modernized pistol, an acoustic clap grew due to a 20 percent increase in the muzzle pressure of the pistol.


Other modifications based on PM

The mechanical plant in Izhevsk produced a version of the PM pistol called IZH-70 or Baikal. The variant is produced as an export model. The main difference between the IZH-70 and the standard Makarov pistol is the adjustable sight, made to the type of a sports sight. However, the sporting career of the IZH-70 pistol raises certain doubts.

Another option is IZH-70-17A. Also appeared on the arms market in 94. The main difference is the use of.380 ACP ammunition.

The next option is IZH-70 HC. The main difference is the used magazine for 10 ammunition and slightly enlarged grip cheeks.

Outwardly, all "IZH-70", going to the external market, are quite diverse. Domestic "Makarovs" are popular abroad mainly due to their low cost in comparison with competitors on the market.

The domestic version of the pistol based on the PM, as a service weapon - IZH-71. The pistol is designed for security units and private sector security units. IZH-71 turned out to be an intermediate pistol between military weapons and weapons for pocket carrying. A 9x17 mm "Kurz" ammunition has been developed for the pistol.The cartridge is made with a shortened sleeve and a reduced bullet diameter, as required. By law, the muzzle energy should not exceed 300 J. The cartridge is a kind of.380 ACP ammunition with a lead bullet core. It was this cartridge that made it possible to use the combat PM as an IZH-71 service pistol. The weight of the IZH-71 pistol is 730 grams, it has an enlarged handle and an increased magazine for 10 ammunition, and is equipped with a permanent sight.

Another development of the Izhevsk plant is IZH-70-400. In 93, the designer P. Ivshin presented a variant of the Makarov pistol for 9x19-mm parabellum ammunition. The main difference between the pistol is the delayed unlocking of the barrel bore, using for this screw annular grooves in the chamber. The shutter-casing of the Izh-70-400 pistol is 30 grams heavier than the standard PM.

Main characteristics of PMM:

- 9 mm ammunition;

- bullet weight 5.4 grams;

- the penetrating effect of ammunition from 20 meters - 3 mm steel sheet;

- speed 420 m / s;

- length 16.5 centimeters;

- barrel length 9.3 cm;

- width 3.4 cm;

- height 12.7 centimeters;

- number of grooves - 4 right-handed;

- aiming range 50 meters.

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