ZSU "Otomatic"

ZSU "Otomatic"
ZSU "Otomatic"

The original ZSU "Otomatic" was created in the early 90s in Italy. She is armed with a 76 mm automatic cannon. The choice of such a large caliber is due to the task of hitting helicopters before they launch anti-tank missiles. The chassis is based on the Palmyria 155mm self-propelled howitzer. Combat weight "Otomatika" 46 tons. Ammunition load 100 shells. Obviously, an increase in the caliber of anti-aircraft guns also has negative consequences: the rate of fire of the gun decreases, the ammunition load decreases due to the increase in the weight of the projectile, and errors occur more often when firing at long distances.

These circumstances prompted the developers to look for the possibility of adjusting the trajectory of the projectile in the target area. A way out was found in equipping it with a correction pulse motor, which is six small charges placed in the shell of the projectile. By starting the appropriate engine, you can change the projectile's trajectory within 10 ° in any direction relative to the velocity vector by commands from the ground control system. The command receiver is located at the bottom of the projectile, and its antenna in the form of a cruciform lattice of four elements is located on the stabilizer feathers.

Experts believe that such a projectile, equipped with non-contact and contact fuses, will successfully fight helicopters at distances of 8-10 km. Its cost is 5 - 10 times higher than usual, however, according to foreign experts, with a 50% probability of hitting a target, this is a completely profitable alternative to the air defense missile system.

Work is also underway to create a laser-guided projectile. It has a sensor for determining the angular deviation from the line of sight, with the help of which the operation of the gas switches of the steering mechanism is controlled and the flight path changes. It is believed that aiming a projectile along a laser beam in combination with a proximity fuse will provide a probability of hitting targets equal to 0.5 - 0.7.

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