Service life of "Stiletto" will be extended

Service life of "Stiletto" will be extended
Service life of "Stiletto" will be extended
Life time
Life time

According to Alexander Leonov, general director of the NPO Mashinostroyenia Military-Industrial Corporation, the service life of the RS-18 strategic multi-unit missiles will be extended to 35-36 years.

“Today, the confirmed service life of these missiles has been extended to 33 years. We will extend these terms further, as long as possible,” A. Leonov noted.

The extension of the service life is apparently due to the fact that at present in the Russian Federation no more than 5-10 units of strategic missiles can be produced annually. Old missiles are decommissioned faster than new ones can be put into service. - "Topol-M" and "Yarsy".

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So, in 1990, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation had 10,583 nuclear warheads.

In 1999 - 6729.

In 2004 - 3875.

In 2009 - 2692.


The RS-18 intercontinental strategic missile (UR-100N UTTH, according to the classification of the US Defense Ministry and NATO - SS-19 Stiletto) is a silo-based missile. It carries on board 6 warheads (their total capacity is 3300 kilotons) and a complex of means to overcome enemy missile defense. It was developed in the design bureau of Vladimir Chelomey, work began in 1967. The deployment of the missile system was carried out from 1979 to 1984, a total of 360 missiles were put on alert. The flight range is over 10 thousand km. Accuracy of hitting the target - 350 m. At the end of 2009, the Russian Federation was armed with 70 UR-100N UTTH missiles, with 420 warheads. Places of deployment - Kozelsk, Tatishchevo.

Even earlier, the service life of the R-36M2 "Voyevoda" intercontinental ballistic missile (according to NATO classification SS-18 "Satan") was extended until 2026. There were 59 of them left at the end of 2009 (590 warheads).

There is also talk that the service life of the RS-12M Topol missiles will also be extended. The initial warranty period of these missiles is 10-15 years, the service life of the Voevod has reached 23 years, and the Topol's - 24 years.

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