It turns out that they are waiting for "Armata". With laser and railgun

It turns out that they are waiting for "Armata". With laser and railgun
It turns out that they are waiting for "Armata". With laser and railgun

Finally, our eyes were opened to simple truths that for some reason had not been revealed before. And the eyes were not opened, and the truths were hidden in darkness. Maybe from a lack of education, or maybe from some unknown disease of these very eyes. It is not so important, in principle, it is important that among the Russian media there are nevertheless rays of light in the dark kingdom.

And these rays will show us the true path and will not let us drown in the darkness of misunderstanding.

Let's start yelling, as expected, in order. It turns out that everything that our weapons designers are developing and introducing into production today is sheer nonsense and old-fashioned!


By the way, the same applies to military officers and generals who develop tactics and strategy of modern combat. All their notions are from the last century! Twentieth, and even then with a stretch.

And in the yard it seems like the twenty-first century, so we draw the appropriate conclusions. About the complete obsolescence of everything and everyone.

Aircraft? Tanks? Machine guns and other small arms? War machines? All of the past century. Something from the Pithecanthropus era. Modern war will be a war of machines. And the soldiers will sit a couple of thousand kilometers away and move the tanks with a joystick.

Well, just like in "ghouls" and "ghoul planes".

And the commanders told us that the object was considered captured only after the nickel-chromium-vanadium testicles of Private Seryoga Shishkin hovered over the defenders' trench.

Note that it will not be the tank or the plane that will fly by, but a simple motorized rifleman will clear the enemy trench.

Feels like someone is outdated. Morally and mentally.

Our insight came after reading an article in one fairly well-known publication. The author, who undoubtedly owns the material, talks about why our new weapons systems today, even without putting them on the conveyor belt, need to be sent to a landfill.

It turns out that we do not need Armata tanks and vehicles based on them at all. And everything else too. Billions of rubles into the furnace. New machines are in the firebox. New armored vehicles - into the furnace. New planes - to the same place. I mean, something to be melted down, and something just burned in the drawings as unnecessary.

Quite different ideas are fashionable today.

The idea of robot soldier, robot tank, robot plane is taken from there. Modern warfare is a war of robots! But I wonder why those who are now fighting in different parts of the world, in different countries and in different armies do not know about this? Why weren't they informed?

Why does a sniper with red eyes from tension lie in positions for days? Wet, frozen, possibly under the gun of an enemy sniper. It's easier to send a robot. Supply a dozen cameras and one rifle mount. I saw - I shot …

After all, you don't even need to invent anything. The sea of computers. Programs with which the robot will select a target. - too. Self-propelled robots capable of shooting have been invented and used for a long time. Put a sniper in a warm dugout away from the front line and let him fight with a joystick.

And for some reason he lies in position … Lies and terrifies the enemy with his precise shots. Moreover, it destroys robotic opponents, whose "brain" works hundreds, thousands of times faster than a human.

And the answer was given many decades ago! The human brain does not work the way even the most powerful computer does. The sniper does not analyze every blade of grass or every bush for targeting. The sniper determines the places of possible appearance of the enemy.

The number of operations per unit of time will never give an advantage to the machine. You cannot defeat a person. Of course, if he is a good professional. A person will always find an "antidote" to any machine.

Another interesting point that we noticed is the atomic tank! Not in the sense of a tank firing nuclear weapons. A tank with a nuclear engine! Can you imagine such a military phenomenon?

"And he goes, goes … And does not recognize your bark at all …" A tank that has such a power plant that provides energy to any systems. This is a fortress that cannot be taken.

And if instead of a cannon we put a railgun there? That same electromagnetic gun? And not the first option, which is also outdated for a long time, but the second, promising one. Shooting not with projectiles, but with electromagnetic impulses!

Babakh - and all enemy precision weapons are destroyed or defeated. Depending on the distance, the "brains" are burned out or they have "gone crazy".

Better yet, and even better known in the movies, is to supply laser weapons. Can you imagine the Peresvet laser on a tank?

Tank, and behind three "KamAZ" with an electrical installation. Although, with a nuclear plant instead of an engine, why would a KAMAZ tank? The reactor will give a hundred kilowatts without even straining.

True, this thing will not trample against tanks. There you need an anti-tank gun "from the Pithecanthropus". Armor after all. But the planes may well crash.

The story about what weapons will be tomorrow can be continued endlessly. It's easier to watch any science fiction film about the conquest of humanity by aliens from a more developed planet. But why?

Why are we being told what we would like to invent? And why does this new weapon begin its life by fighting the old one?

We remember very recent stories about Soviet "obsolete" air defense missiles of the 60s. About the ancient "Maxims" and ZSU-23-2. About retro mortars from the Second World War. We remember and see that this particular weapon is one of the most formidable today.

What is the deadliest weaponry today? Not in perspective, but in reality? We gave an answer to this question in due time. Mortars! Including "self-made" ones. And what is typical, without a single electronic rubbish.

Okay, not mortars. People. The people who run this whole armada of metal interspersed with silicon and other electronics.

It is clear that the development of new weapons systems is necessary. Moreover, without this work there is no future for the Russian army. But why throw away what has already been achieved is not clear. Why should we abandon the "Armata" and combat vehicles based on it? Just because it's expensive?

Weapons are generally expensive. That is why they came up with the principle of necessary sufficiency. Do we need thousands of "Armats"? No. Do we need thousands of Su-57s? Also no. Not thousands? Needed!

And then, who said (and in THAT article there is not a word about it) that robots and atomic tanks with sucker … sorry, railguns will be cheaper?

And in the end, let's return to that very infantry Seryoga. Let's return to recall what we said at the beginning of the article. He, and only he, takes cities, strong points. Frees civilians. Dies first and comes first victorious.

That's who you need to take care of first of all … He needs new infantry fighting vehicles, new tanks, a new machine gun, a new body armor.

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