Innovative pistol Kel-Tec PMR-30

Innovative pistol Kel-Tec PMR-30
Innovative pistol Kel-Tec PMR-30
Innovative pistol Kel-Tec PMR-30

One of the exhibits at the Shot Show 2010, which deserves close examination, is a pistol made with innovative technologies from Kel-Tec, which was named PMR-30.

PMR-30 advantages

This presented copy combines such a complex of outstanding parameters: low weight, reasonable price, production efficiency, advanced technology and high firepower. So, for example, the capacity of its clip is 30 rounds of 22 Magnum.

The PMR-30 is a very unusual variant of personal weapons in terms of design and arrangement of components and mechanisms. And all the same, the designers left a version of the flag fuse tested for a long time as a safety system. The working elements of this mechanism are located on both sides of the bolt carrier, making it possible to combine drawing the weapon out of the holster with the simultaneous removal of the weapon from the protection with either hand.

A little about theory

In the world of small arms connoisseurs, there are different points of view, including diametrically opposed ones, regarding such samples of unusual weapons as the PMR-30, and also regarding the FN Five-seveN (Belgium) of 5, 7-mm caliber, something similar to him. The dispute is about the correctness of the use of small-caliber cartridges in such melee weapons with a high speed of the bullet onset and powerful ejection energy. Some opponents argue about the advantages, among which are increased clip capacity, low recoil force and departure from the line of sight, obtaining a profitable, flat trajectory of ammunition flight, improved accuracy at long distances, and accuracy. In addition, when using armor-piercing ammunition, a high obstacle penetration is observed. Other apologists from the theory of small arms argue about a small braking effect of a bullet on contact with a target and an obstacle of just such samples compared to others, which, in their opinion, negatively characterizes this type of personal weapon. For clarity, it should be noted that unified criteria for assessing the impact of a bullet on a target have not yet been developed, and hardly anyone will dispute the effectiveness of the braking action of the American 45 ACP cartridge. In any case, the development trend of this type of small arms is the most promising today.

A fresh look at the PMR-30 sample immediately reveals the unusual threads used by the designers to fasten the polymer frame parts. The same connections were used in other types of weapons from this company, for example, the SU-16 carbine and the RFB rifle.

There will be no discussion of the braking effect of small-caliber ammunition and the advisability of using this type of weapon in army or police units. We are talking only about a fundamentally new type of pistol produced by one of the well-known firms in the US small arms market. According to many experts and private individuals, not all weapons should be considered as military or police orders for their use. A fairly large part of people who buy weapons on the basis of the rights of a US citizen use them for plinking - entertaining target shooting and for the realization of their personal interests as a hobby. In another way, for the sake of active recreation for gun lovers.

Another part of small arms enthusiasts rightly believe that weapons should be actively produced in order to realize the citizen's right to defense and self-defense. Therefore, the release of such products for truly civilian purposes is simply necessary.

The Kel-Tec PMR-30 pistol presented at the arms exhibition is intended precisely for these purposes.


Innovative trends

Kel-Tec in the arms and ammunition market is positioned as a company that boldly introduces advanced technologies in its developments. Suffice it to recall such weapons as the Kel-Tec SU-22 and SU-16CA compact carbines, which are lightweight due to the use of alloys and polymer compounds at a reasonable price-quality ratio.

From the number of products related to weapons with a short barrel, this company produces inexpensive and very popular in America. 9mm compact pistols P-32, P-11 and PF-9.

A new trend in the production of weapons in recent years has been the emergence of weapons with a short barrel and a new type of sighting system with fiber optic rods as standard. The PMR-30 is also equipped with such an aiming system, which helps to aim fire when firing quickly.


Features of the PMR-30 design

A closer look at the features of the PMR-30 device shows the following. The frame of the pistol structurally consists of two parts - the right and left sides, which are connected by a threaded connection - hexagon bolts and nuts. This greatly facilitates the manufacturing process of the pistol, reducing its cost. This solution is quite revolutionary in its essence when applied to military and sports weapons. In the recent past, George Kellgren, the chief designer of Kel-Tec, used this fastening system in his developments - the SUB-2000 carbine and others, later it remained unchanged in all new models of this company's carbines. Such elements of the pistol mechanism as the frame, the casing, the safety levers, the trigger, the clip latch and the clip itself are made of polymer materials reinforced with fiberglass cloth.

On the lower base of the front part of the frame, special grooves are made, which serve for mounting on them devices for shooting, for example, laser sights and auxiliary lighting. The PMR-30 automation scheme is designed for the action of a semi-free shutter. The bolt system and barrel are made from 4140 steel used in the weapons industry. The pistol casing and the bolt part in this case are structurally executed as independent mechanisms, and the casing is made of polymeric materials, like the frame, and is fastened with a screw connection to the bolt part. The barrel has grooves cut along the length of the barrel to reduce weight and cool this part of the weapon well. The ammunition is sent from the clip to the chamber due to the incoming action of the cartridge feed guide. The spring of the slide delay is also located on the same guide.


PMR-30 device

The light weight and simplicity of the device and the use of this weapon, the small recoil when firing a shot make it possible to use this pistol for popular shooting, trainings, as well as for self-defense of the entire US population.

The PMR-30 is equipped with two helical return springs of different diameters and opposed coils located on 1 guide arm. USM trigger type, one-act action. Details of the trigger mechanism (trigger, sear and reflector) are assembled into a single block of high quality weapon steel, which undoubtedly facilitates its maintenance. This triggering system was used by Fedor Tokarev in his TT pistol, and then by Charles Peter when developing the Mle.1935A pistol in 1935. Descent with warning sound. Effort during descent reaches from 1, 6 to 2, 3 kg.Protection against accidental triggering of the pistol trigger system is carried out by means of a double-sided safety flag acting on both sides, the levers of which are conveniently designed on both sides of the frame, above the butt plate of the grip. When the levers are in the upper position, the fuse is installed, in the lower position, it is disabled. This creates certain convenience when using it.

Shooting production

The PMR-30 pistol is equipped with a Virdinian X5L aiming unit that attaches to it. It consists of a backlight and a laser rear sight. X5L, mounted on the gun along the guide brackets on the lower surface of the front of the frame.

The PMR-30 uses two extractors instead of one to eject the shot casings, which aims to increase the reliability of the mechanisms. When firing the last shot, the slide delay leaves the slide in the rear position. The pistol is equipped with a buffer plate to cushion recoil. The clip latch is located in the area of ​​the lower edge of the pistol grip. Sighting mechanisms include a front sight made of aluminum, installed in a dovetail groove with the possibility of adjusting the lateral component of the firing, and an unregulated rear sight made as a single part of a polymer casing. Front sight and rear sight are equipped with multi-colored fiber optic rods to increase aiming speed. Shot characteristics: with a bullet mass of 2, 6 g, its initial velocity will be 375 m / s, with an expended shot energy of 439 J.

Regular.22 Magnum cartridges have much better characteristics in terms of bullet penetration dynamics than the more common American sporting and hunting.22LR (5.6 mm. PMR-3.


Weapon feature

Still, the main difference between the PMR-30 is the number of rounds in the clip - 30.22 Magnum ammunition. This amount of cartridges is unnecessary even for military weapons. The clip of the analog weapon of the Belgian Five-seveN contains one third less, and the price of the pistol is much higher. According to experts, the.22 Magnum cartridge, also referred to as.22 WMR, is characterized as a very effective ammunition. Despite its small caliber, it is equipped with a strong penetrating ability and full expansion of expansive bullets with a low recoil force. Its price is certainly higher than the price of sporting and hunting ammunition. But it is much cheaper than the established 9mm Parabellum, not to mention the other caliber. The PMR-30's.22 Magnum ammunition, especially the fast one, is not only effective, but also beautiful to see with the powerful flames emanating from the barrel of the pistol, causing plinking supporters to be ecstatic. According to experts, shooting at a high rate, or rather, its results, do not depend on the muzzle flame.


A weapon for self-defense or …

The return force when firing.22 Magnum ammunition from this pistol is several times less than in sports or recreational shooting. Let's just say that there is practically no recoil as such. Even with a fast rate of fire, the pistol does not leave the aiming line, as a result of which a high accuracy is obtained when firing. The small weight of the weapon is also a dignity of the pistol along with the large clip capacity. Its weight is 555, 7 g. The small weight allows the constant carrying of weapons, in any accessible place. If for recreational shooting this weapon is not quite suitable in size, then 30 rounds of a clip for the owner of the pistol is just a joy, since its rate of fire and accuracy is worth a lot

Main features of PMR-30

Caliber:.22 Magnum

Weapon length: 200, 7 mm

Barrel length: 109.2 mm

Weapon height: 147, 3 mm

Weapon width: 33 mm

Weight without cartridges: 385, 6 g.

Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

Descent force: 1, 6-2, 3 kg.


PMR-30 pistol diagram

104 - barrel; 111 - retainer sleeve; 115 - reflector; 118 - drummer; 121 - trigger; 125 - whispered; 148 - hammer axis (shown next to the hammer - exactly the hammer axis) also at number 148, next to the trigger - the trigger axis; 150 - trigger; 151 - barrel block 152 - shutter; 153 - recoil buffer; 154 - casing; 159 - fiber optic (fiberoptic) rod; 160 - the axis of the return spring; 162 - return spring retainer; 163 - retaining ring of the return spring axis; 164 - external return spring; 165 - internal returnable spring; 170 - rear sight; 172 - front sight; 181 - ejector axles; 182 and 183 - ejectors; 184 - ejector spring; 185 - casing screws; 190 - USM block screw; 195 - magazine latch; 196 - magazine latch spring; 198 - magazine latch axis; 200 - left half of the frame; 201 - right half of the frame; 202 - USM unit; 205 - cartridge feed guide; 210 and 211 - hexagon socket head bolts; 212 - nuts; 225 - flag fuse; 226 and 227 - safety levers; 228 - retainer; 236 - axis of the reflector; 254 - trigger pull; 256 - trigger spring; 270 (in the frame) and 276 (in the trigger) - mainspring fastening pins; 273 - sear spring; 275 - trigger spring; 279 - slide delay spring; 282 - slide stop lever; 285 - shutter delay button; 303 - magazine spring; 305 - mounting plate; 310 - magazine cover; 320 - feeder; 330 - store body; 422 - the axis of the spring of the trigger and the trigger rod

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